Exchange and Return Policy

Exchange and Return Policy

Requests for exchange or return for any product delivered to the user in response to a purchase request from the Homzella website or mobile application are subject to the replacement and return policy set out below. The user acknowledges his acceptance and agreement to be bound by the exchange and return policy when purchasing products on the Homzella platform.

 Homzella guarantees you the right to replace or return the product you purchased with a full refund in addition to shipping costs in the event that you receive a defective product or has an operational error or is unfit for use for which it was intended for no other reason, in accordance with the following conditions:

 The request for exchange or return must be made within thirty days from the date of receipt.
This damage or defect must not have been caused by an error in installation or operation, or by the user's misuse of the product.
That it has a manufacturing defect or is not in conformity with the specifications, with a refund of its monetary value without any additional monetary cost to the consumer.
The product must be attached to the original tax invoice.
There is no shortage of any of the product's inclusions, including but not limited to spare parts.
The product must be in its original packaging and in the same condition it was receipt in upon receipt, and the serial number must be clear and readable. 

In the event that you received a defective product or an error in use, please quickly contact us or the technical agent of the product manufacturer in order to obtain a technical report stating that the product is defective. In that case, you will be entitled to replace or refund the price of the product, in addition to all shipping costs, within 14 working days from the date you notified Homzella.

Please note that: -

Homzella has the right to refuse an exchange or refund request in the event that it does not comply (in its discretion) with the above conditions, without any liability to Homzella as a result of such refusal.

Please note that you must review and inspect the product before receiving it, because once you check the product and review it with the delivery representative at the place of delivery, any scratches, slashes, shortages or differences in the colors of the product are your sole responsibility and you will not have the right to refer to the company and request a exchange or refund.

You should be aware that you will lose your right to request an exchange or return for a defective product if:
The defect or operational error is caused by any accidents or circumstances whose date of occurrence was later than the date of use.

Homzella reserves the right to refuse any exchange or return request with a refund at its discretion in the event that the exchange or return request does not comply with the above-mentioned conditions.

Refund policy

The process of refunding the value of the product to the customer begins after the result of the quality inspection and acceptance of the returned product.
Refund are made by the same method of payment: cash in case of cash payment or transfer to the bank account in case of payment by visa.
The price of the product you wish to return will be refunded in the same method of payment as recorded in the invoice or by depositing a balance in your account on our website or on my e-wallet on Homzella or through purchase vouchers or bank transfer or any other method that Homzella deems appropriate.
In case of purchase in cash, the payment is refunded during 14 working days from the product examination report is refunded.
In case of purchasing with a visa, the amount paid is refunded within 14 working days from the issuance of the product inspection report, through a bank transfer on the customer’s account.